Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dr. Seuss Family Night - Technology Resources

Here is the list of computer and phone apps that I am sharing with families at our school's Dr. Seuss Family Night.  These are great resources to use with your children at home to increase reading and math performance.  

Dr. Seuss Themed Websites
Seussville:  The official Dr. Seuss website.  This website has several sections, including information about popular books and a games and activities section.  This website is particularly relevant for primary students.

Online and At Home Projects:  This website includes many different kinds of activities, some online and some that can be done with family, that all involve Dr. Seuss.  This website is organized in such a way that it is easy to search for activities by grade level and content area.

Games and Printables:  At this webpage, activities are organized by book.  Does your child have a favorite Dr. Seuss book?  Using this resource, you can easily filter activities that are geared specifically toward a book.

PBS Cat in the Hat:  Educational games (for mobile devices and computers) with The Cat in the Hat theme.  These games include reading and math practice.

Math Phone Applications
PopMath Basic Math ($.99) - Pop matching pairs of balloons (match the problem with the correct answer).  Fun and interactive way to practice math facts.  For Android, iPhone, and Kindle Fire.

Math Evolve ($1.99) - Arcade style math practice game for iPhone and iPad.

Addroit ($.99) - Improve math facts fluency and speed.  Fun game for iPhone and iPad.

Slice It!  ($.99/Free) - Practice Geometry while building logic and problem solving skills.  Available for iPhone and Android.

Literacy Phone Applications
Dr. Seuss's ABC's ($2.99) - Practice your alphabet with Dr. Seuss!  This app is for Android devices.

WordzUp! (Free) - This game is very similar to Boggle.  Kids can practice spelling and creating words on this Android app.

iStoryBooks (Free) - Browse a large library of books with beautiful illustrations.  Kids can read the books independently or choose to have the narrator read the books to them.  Great Android app for every reader!

Story Maker (Free) - Interactive writing and digital story telling application for iPhone.

Misc. Resources
Kid Mode (Free) - Organize all of your child's apps in one place.  With a child lock feature, this app allows your child to use your phone while not being able to access your personal information or apps.

Wayne Market (Free) - Visit this website for Wayne Township approved free apps for Android devices.  TONS of great resources here!


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